Hydrotherapy is the use of water or pools to complete exercises. Being in a pool to complete exercises can help reduce loading on joints, improve balance, build core stability, and improve strength and endurance to help with daily activities or other physical activities. It can be effective for many people, including those who:

  • Have undergone joint replacements or other injuries / surgeries that require progressive weight bearing
  • Have joint pain or osteoarthritis
  • Are needing to reduce loading onto the body before progressing to exercises out of the pool
  • Have spinal cord injuries or other neurological conditions
  • Have a falls risk and would benefit from a safe environment to train balance

At Active Solutions Health + Sport, we have access to the Frank Jameson Community Centre and their public pool to complete hydrotherapy sessions. Our Registered Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist, Jane Nettleton, can lead you through a hydrotherapy session to ensure you are comfortable in the pool, and then provide exercise programs for you to complete on your own.

Please contact our clinic if you have any questions or would like to sign up for a session!