The health and safety of you, our community and our staff is our number one priority. Now, more then ever before we need to do our part to help protect everyone involved in our community. We have updated our clinic procedures and information page to comply with the Public Health Officer’s directive due to COVID-19. Below are some files outlining some of the changes that we have made. As protocols change we will use this page to keep patients updated on how are clinic is adapting to these changes.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that you may need to cancel an appointment with us on occasion so we have tried to make our cancellation policy as simple as possible.

  • More then 24 hours notice : no charge
  • Less then 24 hours notice : we reserve the right to charge a $25 cancellation fee
  • Miss your appointment or cancel within an hour : we reserve the right to charge you for the full appointment

We also understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise. Please contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Please contact us for various methods to notify us if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.


Q. What are your rates?

A. Each healthcare profession has different rates and can get confusing depending on your coverage (ICBC, MSP, etc). Please contact us to inquire about rate information for the therapy you are interested in.

Q. What should I wear to the first appointment?

A. Please wear clothes that allow easy access to the area that we will be assessing and treating. These clothes should also be comfortable to exercise in and not restrict range of motion.

Q. How long are the appointments?

A. Each healthcare practitioner has different lengths of appointments. Our chiropractic care has an initial assessment that last ~30 minutes with follow-ups being 15 – 20 miuntes. The initial physiotherapy session is 45 – 60 minutes in length, with follow ups lasting 30 minutes. Massage appointments vary between 30 – 90 minutes depending on your preference. Our naturopathic medicine appointments are initially 60 – 90 minutes with follow ups lasting 30 – 60 minutes depending on the case. All sessions are 1 – on – 1 appointments.

Q. Who do I see? Do I have to see everybody?

A. Many of our patients only see one therapist for treatment, but on occasion we will cross refer patients if we believe another therapist will be able to assist with the underlying problem. As for who to book for that can be difficult as each therapist has a different skillset and techniques to treat your injury or condition. Please read the “Our Services” section this website to inform your decision and if you are still wondering how we can best approach your problem then please contact us and we would be more then happy to assist you.

Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. The number of treatments varies depending on the severity and level of acuteness of your injury. We generally find that the sooner a patient seeks rehabilitative care, the faster one is able to recover and experience positive change though.

Q. What can expect at my first visit?

A. Prior to your initial visit you will be sent some forms to fill out regarding your complaint. Once at the clinic we will then complete a comprehensive assessment, where your therapist listens to your concerns and collects information to understand the root of your problem. The session will be completed with some initial treatment and education for your injury.

Q. Can you direct direct bill the costs of my therapy session?

A. We do provide direct billing services for our patients for no extra charge. Please bring your extended health card with you to enable our receptionist to provide direct billing services.