After many hours of preparation we are excited to announce our Active Knee Program. This program is an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) knee injury prevention program aimed at younger athletes.


The ACL is one of the four primary stability ligaments in the knee joint. It’s primary job is to prevent the lower leg bone (tibia) from sliding forward under the upper leg bone (femur). The ACL also provides rotational stability to the knee joint.


Unfortunately the ACL is susceptible to injury in sports that involve sudden changes of direction, quick decelerations, and awkward landings; including soccer, basketball, skiing, rugby and volleyball. The majority of these injuries are non contact injuries. Researchers estimate that close to 250,000 ACL injuries occur each year. Of these injuries, approximately 65% are being treated with reconstructive surgery. Females are at a 4 – 8 times greater risk of rupturing their ACL in sport. Furthermore, ACL tears in children and adolescents continues to rise.

ACL injuries are often associated with long term persistent symptoms and increased incidence of osteoarthritis later in life. The injury, possible surgery and rehabilitation process typically keeps an athlete out of competition for up to a year, with recent research even suggesting longer. The psychological effects on the  athlete surrounding the fear of re-injury and loss of confidence can be major factors precluding an athlete’s return to play.


The good news is that the research also points out that an ACL injury prevention program that includes movement screening, education and specific training has been shown to decrease the rate of injury by 52 – 85%! We have looked over these studies at length and put together the Active Knee Program to not only incorporate many dimensions from the studied programs, but also add some of our own ideas based on experience working with varsity to national level athletes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the basic movement training to ensure your child has healthy knees years to come by signing up for the Active Knee Program.


Dates: To Be Determined

Location: Frank Jameson Community Centre Gymnasium

Class Size: Maximum of 24 spots are available*

Who: Athletes of all abilities AGED 8 – 20 years old

*A second class can be opened up based on demand. Individual screening is available with our team for athletes that are unfortunately unable to attend the above times.

To register please contact us at either location.