At Active Solutions Health + Sport we utilize the CSEP Physical Activity Training for Health (PATH) physical fitness assessment and counselling strategy to assist patients to better understand their current fitness level and make positive health changes. This test is administered by a qualified member of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP), the gold standard for testing and exercise science in Canada. The CSEP-PATH assessment is commonly used as a measure for the health-related fitness of the general population. The test is administered on over a million Canadians each year! We are fortunate to now be offering this test in Ladysmith.

The CSEP-PATH assessment is a standardized fitness test that looks at baseline health, cardiovascular fitness, musculoskeletal fitness and flexibility. This assessment is great for athletes or the general population that are looking to understand their current fitness levels. This assessment is also used for future firefighters and paramedics as an entrance requirement for training programs. Upon completion of this assessment you will receive a summary or ‘snapshot’ of your current health related fitness. This summary provides a foundation for your ‘action plan’ to help you reach your health goals. The fitness test usually takes about an hour to complete. Our CSEP-PATH assessments take place at our Frank Jameson Centre location. Jane Nettleton, Exercise Physiologist is currently administering our CSEP-PATH fitness assessments. For more information visit the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology website.