Meet Ace Hayden. With a name like that we thought he’d be a starting pitcher and only have to work once every 5 days. Not this Ace though. He chose the mountains, or did the mountains chose him? Either way, at the age of 15 Ace and his family moved to BC where he quickly discovered mountain biking. Soon he was hanging with a group of padres that would inspire him to pursue a career as a mountain biker.

Now he’s a Professional Freeride and Downhill Mountain Biker. His riding style has been described as “creative and loose”, making brutal trails seem smooth and easy. He shreds at full speed and SENDS IT off jumps. Being in a sport that requires pushing the envelope at high speeds has led to a multitude of injuries, which is where we come into play. We love the work ethic and attitude Ace brings to his sport and rehabilitation. This is why we are have made Ace Hayden our first official sponsored athlete. We look forward to cheering Ace on and providing him with top notch care as he continues to push the limits.

Interested in what Ace does on two wheels?! Here is a great short video on Ace (aka The Wolf) and what can be accomplished on a mountain bike.