Gina Cambran graduated from the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2020. She completed her schooling at the Victoria campus with a special interest in Sports Rehabilitation. As part of her post graduate focus she is looking to expand her knowledge in Sports Rehabilitation. She is also planning on completing a Bachelor of Health Science degree and is interested in Craniosacral Techniques. Gina Cambran understands that everyone is unique and tailors her treatments to the needs and concerns of each person. 

Gina truly has a passion for massage therapy as she begins her career. She has an engaging personality that is contagious to be around. Common treatment modalities incorporated into her practice include a range of passive and active techniques. Swedish massage, trigger point release and pin and stretch are common during a treatment. Gina prides herself on concluding treatments with self-management strategies including exercise therapy and hydrotherapy recommendations. Gina will listen to you, discuss your goals and concerns, and work with you to create and implement a treatment plan that suits you. 

Personally, Gina moved to Canada in 2005 from the Island of Dominica. She was always very physically active and explored many activities which eventually turned to a keen interest in biology and the human body – and ultimately massage therapy. Having lived in Ladysmith before moving to Victoria for school, Gina is happy to come home and make a positive difference in her community.